Telangana Pension scheme website/Details

Check Complete Details of Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme, Ontari Mahila Pensions, kalyana Lakshmi Scheme, Shaadi Mubarak Scheme.

The government of Telangana as a part of its social safety net strategy introduced the ‘Aasara Pensions’ with a view to ensuring secure life with dignity for the poor.

This scheme is meant to protect the most vulnerable sections of society, in particular, the old and infirm; people with HIV-AIDS, widows, incapacitated weavers and toddy tappers, who have lost their means of livelihood with growing age, in order to support their day to day minimum needs required to lead a life of dignity and social security.

The Telangana Pension schemes website/Details 

The survey clarifies how the people are living. what are the facilities to be implemented to help people of Telangana region? After the oka Roju (One Day) Survey succeeded which was done on 19th August 2014. The chief minister of Telangana State Mr. kalvakuntla. Chandra shaker rao as said and mentioned in the manifesto.
The government of Telangana is processing the pension scheme for the disabled, poor old-age and widows according to the categories as mention and fallow are below:
  • Vrudulu pension or Old age people with AMOUNT 1000/- Rupees.
  • Vithanthuvu pension or Widow’s People with AMOUNT 1000/- Rupees.
  • Vikalangulu pension or  Disable People’s with AMOUNT 1500/- Rupees.
  • Chenetha karmikulu Pension or Weavers People with AMOUNT 1000/- Rupees.
  • Kallu Geetha Kar Mika Pension or Toddy People with AMOUNT 1000/- Rupees.

Types of Pensions scheme in Telangana

  1. Vrudulu pension
  2. Vithanthuvu pension
  3. vikalangulu pension
  4. Chenetha karmikulu Pension
  5. kallu Geetha Kar Mika Pension.
  6. Beedi Karmika Pension
These are the current pension scheme in TG State.

Eligibility criteria for pensions:

  • She/he should be Below_Poverty_Line (BPL) it means income less than 20,000 per year (Note: the BPL may change)
  • Only for local candidates of the districts
  • He/She should not be covered any other scheme before.

Old Age/ Vrudulu Pension:

To get Old age pension he/she should cross 65 years or above as mentioned.

Weavers/ Chenetha karmikulu Pension:

Old age pension he should cross 50 years or above as mentioned.

Vithanthuvu/ Widow’s pension

He/She should respect government rule of 18 years.

vikalangulu pension or  Disable People’s

Government certified with 40% and more is eligible

kallu geethakarmika Pension or Toddy

Complaint about Aasara Pension Scheme.

TOLL-FREE No Number to get complete full details of pension scheme: 1800-2001-001
Toll-free number: 1800-200-1001

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the complete process/Procedure to check or verify Telangana Pension Sanctioned and rejected list of the widow, disabled details online.

List of Telangana Pension Scheme Category wise


The official Website to check the Telangana State pension schemes is below


Note: To check Telangana State Pension Scheme (Pathakam) Details.
Just Copy the Above Link in New Tab of the used browser.

STEPS to Follow and GUIDE:

  1. Open the Link which was provided above
  2. Now Click on Pensioner’s Details TAB on the Top of the website.
  3. Then Click on Pensioner’s Information’s as shown below.
Aasara Pension scheme list

The above are the complete steps to check Aasara Pension Scheme (Pathakam) Details
Complete Sanctioned details and Tool free number (NO)
The above are the Pension Amount and complete details.