Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Online portal.

If do you have any questions or any more information about our Privacy Policy please feel free to contact us.

There are many different ways you can use our services to search for and share information. When you share information with us – for example by contact with us via mail address or by comments with most associated mail services, we can make those services even better for best user experiences.
As you use our services, we want you to be clear how we’re using information and the ways in which you can protect your privacy.

Our Privacy Policy features:

  • Information we collect and how we use it safe.
  • Device Information.
  • Log Information.
  • The information you share.
  • Information we share.
  • Cookies and anonymous identifiers.
  • Double click DART cookie, Transparency, and choice.
  • Information security.
  • Compliance and cooperation with regulatory authorities.
  • Changes Upgrades.
  • Copyright Policy.

Information we collect and how we use it safe:

You can generally visit the site without providing any personal identifying information regarding yourself.
We do not collect any personal information from the visitors.
If you request to receive any mail updates of services or product information or an online demonstration of the services, then you have to enclose an online request form on our site where you have to provide the visitor name, request (Question need to be help), e-mail address, company name (not essential),state or province, country and phone number.
If you have any questions to be asked at any services form us then at below of the articles you may comment there. So you can easily do.
We will use the information from the request form and our support team gets touch with you as you requested services to provide.

Device information:

We may collect device-specific information such as operating system version and hardware model if available.

Log information:
When you view content provided by

  1. We may automatically collect and store the listed information it includes
  2. Internet Protocol address of each visitors
  3. Service of browser
  4. Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  5. Date and time of the visit and no of pages visited.
  6. The log file may also keep track of visitors visiting for such categories of the site.

Only this information can be identified and no information will be shared with others.

Cookies and anonymous identifiers:
We and our beloved partners use various technologies to collect and store information when you visit our service this may include sending cookies or anonymous identifiers to your device.
We also use cookies and anonymous identifiers when you interact with services we offer to our partners, such as advertising services or telanganastateofficial features.

Double click DART cookie, Transparency, and choice:
People have different privacy concerns and our goal is to clear about what type of information we collect so that you can make meaningful choices about how it is used.
For example:
About the ads are shown to you on telanganastateofficial and across the web, such as which categories might interest you, using Ads settings. You can also opt out of certain Google advertising services here.

Some of our advertising partners may use cookies on our site.
These third-party ad servers use technology to the advertisement and links that appear on send directly to the browsers.Our team has no access to control these cookies that are served by third party advertisers.

You may set to block or disable all the cookies in the browser which you use. So if the issues happen then we cannot serve the complete site’s features where others can view it.

Information security:
If the visitor’s request for any article’s to publish us there you have to provide some personal information’s to us for the request.
So the details will be fully bonded with security (HIGH-LEVEL SECURITY) no information will be published anywhere in the web pages and to others.

Compliance and cooperation with regulatory authorities:
We regularly review the compliance with our privacy policy.
If we receive any complaints regards the information you share with us, so we will directly contact the person who made the complaint to clear it.

Changes Upgrades:
Our privacy policy may change at any time. And we provide the changes made for the visitors of us.

Copyright Policy:
Every article we provide here will have copyrights to only.
You may view the articles but you should not provide the articles anywhere on the web.
If we get any complaint about the articles we provide were republished illegally in any other blog’s or website.
Definitely, we will file a complaint against the Site owner with DCMA Policy Department.